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We are the leading GPS manufacturer of the world whose aim is to deliver the best navigational experience to its device users. When you are buying a GPS then be rest assured that you are getting absolutely the best-sat nav device that money can buy. SatNav com/get started helps in updating the maps and software on the device.

Every SatNav device is made with the highest commercial grade material. It helps in getting the satellite signal even in high rise areas and regions with mountains and hills.

SatNav get started and download

SatNav com get started helps to download all the maps and software which are released by the company to keep you updated with all the changes going around.

When you want to update the maps on the device or if you want to purchase new maps then you can do so by visiting SatNav com/getstarted and download mydrive connect

The process is very simple with the SatNav get started and download new maps and software with it using a computer, you don’t have to be a geek to update the device.

When you purchase a new device then don’t forget to register it to the SatNav com get started. Failing to do so will make the device unusable.

Once you’ve registered your GPS device then you’re good to go.

Here are the simple steps for updating the device by going onto SatNav com/getstarted and download mydrive connect.


Select Your Product

Type in your product model number of the GPS device that you want to update. The model number can be seen on the box of the device.

Choose which type of updates which you would like to install.

There are basically two types of updates

Free Updates - These updates are free and are for the same region which came at the time of device purchase. These updates come for a certain time period or for a lifetime depending upon your device and subscription.

Paid Updates - When you want to upgrade maps or subscriptions then you can do by going to our website.


SatNav Start 25

The Start 25 is a sat nav which has a 5” screen and free lifetime map updates. The menu is very intuitive so after driving with this device you will not want to drive without one.

This device comes with company Maps and intelligent routing for reaching your destination faster.

With the free lifetime map updates, your GPS device will always be updated with the latest maps. You’ll also know when there are new roads and address changes.

This GPS device is quite easy to mount and detach from any vehicle because of the dash mounting which is integrated with the device.

It provides you with lane guidance and motorway driving and route planning for various destinations. With this device, you get a clear colour picture of what’s ahead of you and it also guides you to the correct lane.

The unit comes with the full lifetime map updates of UK, Ireland and European Union. The company will provide you with 4 map updates in a year. It comes with all the new roads, highways, tolls and other improvements. The maps on the device can be viewed in 3D or 2D form. The 3D form provides you with a much more realistic picture and greater details of the region.

This device also has a fast starting time, so you can navigate within seconds when you’re in your vehicle. The voice navigation system provides you with loud and clear street names, it is a great help in busy towns.


  • 5” bright and clear screen
  • Turn-by-turn voice navigation for greater efficiency
  • Lifetime map updates of UK, Ireland and Western Europe
  • Both 2D and 3D view for greater detail
  • Speed camera alerts and alternate lane routing feature
SatNav Start 25 Drivers Download

The Start drivers are small programs which help the GPS device to communicate with the OS of the device and the computer. Updating the device with the software prevents crashes and improve system performance.

If you are inexperienced with updating SatNav GPS manually, download Start 25 Drivers utility. This small powerful tool helps to update the device automatically.

SatNav Start 20 Updates

The Start 20 updates are available for download now, install the MyDrive connect program on the PC or Mac computer. In the new update, you will get the latest maps, new software and drivers. We recommend all the users to regularly connect the device with the computer for updates.

If you are not sure about how you can update or upgrade the maps then you can call our helpline number 0330 113 3388.


If you are not able to update maps & software then you can contact our GPS experts on the helpline number 0330 113 3388, LiveChat or by email. We are the best service provider in the UK, Germany and the USA. If you are residing in the UK, Germany and the USA then you can contact us directly on the helpline number. Our experts provide the update service 24*7.

Update your SatNav GPS in simple steps.

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