Satnav Map Updates

SatNav map updates

The company releases updates regularly to keep all its users updated with all the changes going around the area. If you’re a user of a GPS device then you must have felt that your device was showing the most accurate routes and addresses when you have bought the device.

SatNav Car Sat Nav

When you buy a car sat nav it will show you accurate addresses, but, after some months i.e. in about 6-8 months, the device starts showing you some wrong addresses. Previously it used to guide you to your destination with the most precise route, but now it is guiding you to some wrong location. This is not the GPS device fault. It is dependent on the data which needs to be updated regularly.

Sat Nav Map Updates

To keep all its users updated with all the changes going around and keep the GPS data accurate, Sat nav map updates are released by the company every quarter.


Sat nav map updates are of different types:

Free - The free sat nav map updates are free of cost. It is of the same region for which you have purchased the device.

Lifetime - The lifetime sat nav map updates means that you will get the map for the operable life of the device.

Paid - You can upgrade maps and services depending upon your need. The cost will depend upon your subscription type.

Update Your Sat Nav

Sat nav map updates are very easy to do by following the below instructions:

sat nav map updates

Connect your GPS with the internet-enabled computer/ laptop and power on the device.

sat nav device

The device will check for all the updates available at that moment.


Choose the updates that you would like to install. Then, just wait for the process to finish.

SatNav Sat Nav map updates problems

Sometimes, due to technical glitches, your GPS can’t be updated. Here, are some common problems which occur during the update.

The device is connected to the computer, but nothing is happening:

If your Sat Nav is not showing connected, then please check the connection between the GPS device and the computer. Unplug the GPS device from the computer and then replug it.

Sat nav is freezing during the update process:

In some rare cases, your sat nav freezes and then it stops responding to your instructions. Try resetting it, when this happens. Push the power button and hold it for some time.

Unable to read sat nav map updates:

If you’ve installed the maps but it is not showing on the device, then it could be due to the outdated device drivers. First, you have to update the drivers on the device then update the map.

SatNav One XL update:

The company recommends you to update your One Xl GPS device frequently to ensure that you have up-to-date information about the roads, streets, speed limits speed cameras and much more.

Step 1

Connect the device to the computer (PC or Mac) using the USB cable.

Step 2

Start the SatNav Home on the PC and log in to your account.

Things you will need to update the device:

  • A computer with Home installed in it
  • Device USB cable
  • An account to update the device

Update My Sat Nav:

Here we are going to show you how to download and update the GPS device by clicking on the Update My Sat Nav button.

Prerequisites for update:

  • You will need an SD card or free space on the device.
  • The updates may take up to 8 GB or more memory on the device or the SD card.
  • Then, download the map by clicking on the button below.
  • Install the map update on the device.
  • Now, install the device in your favourite car and you’re ready to move.

If you are not able to update maps & software then you can contact our GPS experts on the helpline number 0330 113 3388, LiveChat or by email. We are the best service provider in the UK, Germany and the USA. If you are residing in the UK, Germany and the USA then you can contact us directly on the helpline number. Our experts provide the update service 24*7.

Update your SatNav GPS in simple steps.

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