SatNav Truck GPS

SatNav Truck GPS

The company manufactures the best truck GPS for large commercial vehicles. It provides the best truck-specific routes which help in planning and delivering efficiently.

Trucker GPS need:

Large vehicles like trucks, buses etc. are not allowed on some of the routes and even if they are allowed then there may be some time restrictions on their movement.

If trucks or large commercial vehicles go on these roads then they get very expensive tickets. The truck GPS helps in making professional drivers even better.

Truck Sat Nav:

A truck Sat Nav is a dedicated GPS device which comes with the truck dedicated routes. A truck sat nav also differs from a normal device as it does a lot more data crunching than a car GPS.

The truck Sat Nav comes with the point of interests which are professional truck driver friendly. So, you don’t have to worry about motel parking etc.

Truck/ HGV navigation software

This software is specially designed for trucks, lorries and other heavy vehicles.

The software provides:

  • Professional large vehicle navigation
  • Dedicated truck and bus POIs
  • Helps all the professional drivers to plan and deliver efficiently

SatNav Truck GPS update

Every truck GPS comes with the update which helps professional drivers to find the most efficient routes and deliver on time. We recommend all the truck GPS users to update the device with the latest truck dedicated maps to avoid getting in trouble with the traffic restrictions.

Truck Sat Nav comes in a variety of models:

The company manufactures different types of models for large vehicles like trucks, lorries, buses etc.

Some of the top models of truck GPS are:

SatNav Trucker 520

The trucker 520 is a 5-inch sat nav specially made for commercial vehicles. This GPS can connect with the Wi-Fi and it is also able to sync with the smartphone.

It comes with the lifetime traffic and maps of the region for which you bought the device. The maps on the device are quite interactive and have pre-installed points of interests.

The intelligent route enables the driver to choose the most efficient route depending upon your current location. The GPS device is designed to provide you with high-quality, hands-free calling. It is also able to read aloud your text messages from your phone.


  • Free Lifetime Traffic and maps
  • Fully interactive truck specific maps
  • Intelligent routes for most efficient delivery
  • Syncs with your smartphones
  • Preinstalled points of interests for trucks

SatNav Trucker 600 GPS

The trucker 600 gives a customized route according to the weight, size, speed and cargo, vehicle type. It makes your journeys more efficient and helps you to deliver your cargo on time.

This GPS device provides the ability for pre-planning from anywhere and anytime. You can also add your preferred stops and roads. You also get up to 4 truck-specific maps a year.

This is a 4 in 1 device, as it has the ability to switch between different profiles. You can easily switch from truck to car and bus or van.


  • Ability to preplan the route from anywhere
  • Switch between different profiles
  • Get the latest maps for free
  • Truck-specific points of interest
  • Save your favourite routes and addresses

SatNav Trucker 620 6-inch:

The trucker 620 is a 6-inch sat nav device specially made for trucks. The device comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and the ability to sync with your smartphone. There are numerous specific points of interests to choose from which are custom made for trucks.

You also get real-time services like traffic updates via smartphone connect. The device can read your incoming messages aloud from the smartphone. It is also compatible with the voice assistant for your smartphone.


  • Ability to connect with wi-fi and sync with your smartphone
  • Live services when you connect with the smartphone
  • Read messages aloud
  • Preinstalled truck-specific points of interests
  • Plan and save routes for faster search

SatNav 6000

This is a truck dedicated GPS device which provides customized truck routing and lifetime truck maps. This is a sophisticated device which has a SIM card slot built-in. The lifetime map updates help you to always have the updated device.

This device features advanced lane guidance which clearly helps to see the junctions and highway exits. You can just speak your commands to the device and it will guide you correctly to your destination. This GPS device has got the community points of interests, you can also upload your own points of interests to help other professional drivers.


  • It has a built-in SIM card slot
  • It comes with the Lifetime truck maps update
  • Intelligent truck routing
  • Advanced lane guidance
  • Community points of interests and sharing

SatNav GO Professional 6200:

The GO professional 6200 is a professional sat nav which is specially designed for large vehicles. The device comes with live traffic feature via the built-in SIM. You also get traffic and speed cameras information for 1 year.

The 6”-device has got a dedicated truck, bus, van POIs. It also has a built-in Wi-Fi for updating the maps and software package.

It has the feature of customizing the routes depending upon the vehicle’s dimensions, weight, maximum speed, cargo load and type. This helps in providing safer, efficient and peaceful journeys. This GPS device also provides you with a realistic arrival time taking out the guesswork out of driving.

You’ll also get more than 50,000 truck fuel stations, parking spots, service centres and restaurants.

The device has a built-in Wi-Fi which helps in updating the device without a computer. When the device is connected to the Wi-Fi it will show you all the available updates for your device.

With this GPS device, you can avoid sudden imminent traffic ahead with the alerts it provides. It will also help you to avoid blackspots and accident-prone areas.

With the lifetime large vehicle maps, you’ll be always driving through the most efficient route. You also get a faster route with the Live traffic at no extra cost. Additionally, you get one year of speed camera alerts, helping you avoid expensive tickets.

You can also hear loud smartphone messages from many messaging sites like Whatsapp, iMessage and many more. The smartphone is compatible with Google Assistant and Siri.


  • Large 6” screen size
  • Professional sat nav for large vehicles
  • Dedicated Truck, Van, Bus POIs
  • In-built Wi-Fi for updating the device
  • Lifetime large vehicle maps

SatNav Go Professional 6250:

The Go Professional 6250 is a professional sat nav device for large vehicles. The device has a built-in Wi-Fi with which you can update the device without the need of a computer.

With this device, you will get customized routes for a large vehicle like truck, bus or van according to the weight, cargo and max speed.

When you buy this device you get more than 50,000 dedicated fuel stations, restaurants, parking spots and service centres.

This GPS device has a built-in Wi-Fi which helps in updating the map and software of the device without a computer. Whenever you get in a Wi-Fi zone the device will show you the list of all the available updates. You can simply choose which updates you want to install.

With this GPS device, you get the stopped traffic, roadblocks and all the other information which can hinder the navigation without paying the extra cost.

With the Lifetime speed camera alerts, you will always be driving within the speed limit. This helps save money on expensive speed tickets.

The smartphone messages will read out your messages loud and clear, which helps you to always keep your eyes on the road. You can also use its hands-free calling by connecting with the Bluetooth. This GPS device is also compatible with the Google Assistant and Siri.

You can plan your routes from anywhere in advance with the SatNav MyDrive and send it directly to your device.


  • Stopped Traffic Alerts for avoiding sudden stops
  • Lifetime traffic for predicting the best route
  • Speed camera alerts for avoiding expensive tickets
  • Hands-free calling and smartphone messages
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Siri

All the devices can be updated for new maps, software with SatNav com get started. Whenever you want to update the map or want to upgrade the map then it can be done via SatNav MyDrive.

Whenever you want SatNav map upgrades and update then you can contact our GPS experts.


If you are not able to update maps & software then you can contact our GPS experts on the helpline number 0330 113 3388, LiveChat or by email. We are the best service provider in the UK, Germany and the USA. If you are residing in the UK, Germany and the USA then you can contact us directly on the helpline number. Our experts provide the update service 24*7.

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