SatNav Map Upgrades And Update

SatNav Map Upgrades And Update

The company makes GPS devices for all types of vehicles be it small or large. It manufactures high-grade devices for cars, motorcycles, large vehicles, commercial vehicles.

SatNav GO

The Go series is available for all types of cars. It is faster and smarter than ever.

Features of Go:

  • Smartphone Messages: The smart GPS device helps in reading your messages from the phone.
  • Compatible with Google Now and Siri: You can interact with your smartphone’s personal assistant.
  • Lifetime World Maps: You don’t have to buy another map for the usable life of the device.
  • Lifetime Traffic: When you buy this GPS you get intelligent routes that help you in avoiding traffic.
  • Advanced Lane Guidance: You won’t miss another turn or sudden lane changes.

SatNav Rider

A dedicated GPS device made for motorcycles that will help in your next adventure.

Features of Rider:

  • RoadTrips: All the dedicated routes suited for amazing motorcycle adventures.
  • Lifetime maps: You won’t have to buy another map for the usable life of the device.
  • Compatible with Smartphone Assistant: Read all your phone notifications with the GPS device.
  • Challenge Levels: Personalized routes to choose from depending upon your riding skills.

Truck GPS

Dedicated truck GPS with truck-specific routes which helps you in planning, driving and delivering more efficiently.


  • Truck Specific routes: You will never have to worry about driving on wrong routes.
  • Planning: It helps in planning the most efficient routes depending upon your current location.
  • Lifetime Traffic: It provides you with the Lifetime traffic updates so that you can always arrive on time.
  • Multiple vehicle options: You can easily switch from truck to van, bus to truck etc.

SatNav Map Upgrades And Update:

The map upgrades and updates are available for all types of vehicle mentioned above. Whether you want to update or upgrade your map, our GPS experts are always available for your help.

SatNav Map Update

Sat nav map updates are available for all the devices that you buy.

There are two types of updates:

Map: The map updates are available for the usable life of the device. The map will be of the same region for which you have bought the device.

Services: Some services life traffic, weather is free. These updates are also for the usable life of the device. There may be some restriction on the number of updates.


SatNav Map Upgrades

If you want to buy a different map or want to add services then you can do it as well.

Maps: You can always add a map of the region that you want to your device. You can do by purchasing a new map.

Services: You can also add as many subscriptions as you want. Services include Live traffic, speed cameras, intelligent routes and many more.

All the devices can be updated for new maps, software with SatNav com get started. Whenever you want to update the map or want to upgrade the map then it can be done via MyDrive.

Whenever you want SatNav map upgrades and update then you can contact our GPS experts


SatNav Maps Download

New updated maps download is now available for all the users of the GPS device. For downloading and installing maps, you need MyDrive Connect.

Before, updating the map keep few things in mind:

  • Check if you have the latest version of the MyDrive connect.
  • Check the free space on your computer. You will need around 8 GB of free memory on the computer.
GPS maps for SatNav

All the users can download the free GPS maps for the GPS device. These maps allow you to travel anywhere without worry. These maps come with millions of points of interests which are collected after years of mapping.

How to update old SatNav

Follow these simple instructions on how to update an old GPS device, drive without worry afterwards.

  • Connect the sat nav with the computer either PC or Mac and then switch on the device.
  • Open MyDrive connect if it doesn’t start automatically.
  • Log in with your email id.
  • List of all the available updates for your device will appear.
  • Click to download the updates.
  • Install the updates in your device.
  • Now, you have revived your old GPS device.

Note: Before, updating an old device always check whether it is eligible for the updates


If you are not able to update maps & software then you can contact our GPS experts on the helpline number 0330 113 3388, LiveChat or by email. We are the best service provider in the UK, Germany and the USA. If you are residing in the UK, Germany and the USA then you can contact us directly on the helpline number. Our experts provide the update service 24*7.

Update your SatNav GPS in simple steps.

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